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The bioinformatics knowledge centre (BiKC) and nanopore lab at Howest is a reliable partner that can achieve an end-to-end approach to the research question of the professional field within agrofood and health through practice-based research in a transparent manner.

Analyse Automate Applications

The BiKC and nanopore lab have a broad knowledge in both analysing the data. Automating this analysis and even putting these automated workflows into a user-friendly application. If you have questions about your specific needs, do not hesitate to contact us!


Bioinformatics Knowledge Center

Through practice-based research and services, we offer a solution-oriented approach.

Nanopore sequencing with a MinION in the bioinformatics knowledge center

A reliable partner for nanopore sequencing and bioinformatics

The Bioinformatics Knowledge Center (BiKC) at Howest was established in 2018 within the advanced bachelor of bioinformatics (BIT) program in English. Many laboratories and companies do not have the knowledge, expertise or resources to hire a full-time bioinformatician. The bioinformatics knowledge center responds to this with hands-on research and services. Customized applications can be designed to analyze and visualize biomedical and biotechnological data, among other things, and, depending on the question, can be combined with databases for data storage and data management. Pipelines and containerized bioinformatics solutions are developed through automation and scripting using e.g. bash, R and Python. Moreover, the large amounts of publicly available data allow for the generation of new hypotheses and new insights at times.

Within the knowledge center, the Howest nanopore lab was recently established in collaboration with the Biomedical Laboratory Technology (BLT) program. This nanopore lab focuses on nanopore technology, the newest third generation DNA sequencing technology, which allows you to quickly and affordably analyze the code of DNA and RNA in real time in any kind of sample. Depending on the applications, very interesting total solutions can be offered to partners in the field with both wet lab and dry lab analyses, whereby the entire workflow, from sample to report, can be completed quickly and efficiently within the same research group.

BiKC collaborates with Blikopener, an initiative of the Flemish Council of Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts to sensitize and advise organizations on innovation. Blikopener helps the BiKC to generate new ideas, create collective involvement and realize proof of concepts. This way, the BiKC can better align its expertise and services with the needs of the market and society. Click here for more information.


What we do

Depending on the application, we develop total solutions with both wet lab and dry lab analyses whereby the entire workflow from sample to reporting is automated.

Nanopore sequencing

Applications for both targeted sequencing and microbial identification

Data analyses

Biological data that needs to be analyzed? Our team has a lot of expertise in different fields!


No more cutting and pasting manually. Through custom pipelines we automate where necessary

Build applications

Tailored applications in R(shiny) or python for your specific needs and applications


We are happy to help you with your specific question with our customized offer. Contact us for an appointment

Designing end-to-end-workflows

With 1 press of a button the results flow in

Educating for the future

Are you more interested in being able to perform the analyses yourself? You can!
At Howest, we offer both the bachelor Biomedical Laboratory Technology (BLT) and the Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics (BIT).
Additionally, we organize several lifelong learning courses and workshops for personal development.


News and blogs

Here you will find information about our latest news, applications, messages. This will give you a small insight into our capabilities!


RamplotR is a R-Shiny app that visualizes the Ramachandran plot of a given PDB code or file.

Rshiny 2022-10-13

MS-PEP data analyzer

MS-PEP data analyzer is an R-Shiny app developed in collaboration with the laboratory of medical biochemistry at University of Antwerp (UAntwerpen).

Rshiny 2022-05-05

Fasta to GFA

Fasta to GFA is a small python script used for converting Fasta files to GFA files for visualization in Bandage.

Python 2021-10-26

Our work field partners

Of course, you can't be an expert in everything. For most of our projects we can rely, and work together with a complete network of work field partners

Belgisch Diabetes Register
Partner in CRIG
Partner in GGIG
Ghent University
University hospital Ghent
Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research
University of Antwerp